RK Veulpoepers BV was initiated in the Dutch province of Brabant, in the village Hilvarenbeek. This group was specialized in happy-folkmusic with Dutch lyrics, but with a typical view. Lyrics with a lot of engagement about the morals of Christian-Democrats and commercial media and a band with a lot of activities against establishment.
In their own environment they fight against local authorities. Results:
They organized their own youth-culture-centre and art-festival “Bikse Fiste” (1977-1981), with  70.000 visitors in 1981 ( red.: the population of Hilvarenbeek was just 10.000 people).
This ‘Collective’ played on big parties and political manifestations, everywhere in Holland.


Veulpoepers make the LP-recording  Diarree. They are concerned  about SHELL, aggressive Police and N-bomb, but ordinary lyrics were not avoided. The band was influenced by groups like BOTS, Muszikas( Hungary), Alain Stivell (France) and Gwendal (France/Spain) as well as Dubliners and Fairport Convention maybe...


Veulpoepers stay now in Tilburg. Den Egelantier just didn’t achieve a high place on the hit-charts. They refused to compromise to the rules of show-business (like ‘play-back’ in stupid  TV-shows) and that meant the end of the hit-single.


Second album appeared with the title  Een frisse wind (Fresh air), which was recorded live on their own festival ‘Bikse Fiste’.
They started other projects for their foundation like action-orchestre “Fanfare van de Eeuwigdurende Bijstand( Fanfare of the everlasting solidarity)”, Printshop ‘Overmorgenklaarzeker’( “ReadyTomorrow?”), music-pub ‘Den Egelantier’, children-theater ‘PielekePoep’ and publisher ‘Polypoepka’.


On 5 September 1982 the RK Veulpoepers BV, after 600 performances, stopped with a goodbye-concert for 30.000 people ( red: in Leypark, Tilburg).
They presented their third album Houdoe,bedankt en blijf wakker( Goodbye,thanks and stay awake).

1982 - 1996

Members of RK Veulpoepers BV-foundation  initiated in separated groups a lot of activities. They started the cult-theater ‘Noorderligt (Northernlight)’.They started the new music-group ‘VloepSuper’ with single Steeds Gezeik (Polygram).
The cooperation of Zjef Naaijkens and Paul Elbers resulted under the name of MMWOPS in reggae-polkamusic played by “MakingMusicWhileOtherPeopleSleep ”. One album on Polypoepka 1985. As the “Heilige Boontjes (Holy Beans)” they protested  the Dutch arch-bishop with the song Adonis ( verlos ons van Simonis/ releave us from Simonis) on Corduroy Records (red: producers BZN!...) 1986.
Zjef Naaykens goes ‘solo’ with album Harmonie-model on Hans Kusters Music (HKM) 1987.


In this year the RKBV decided to organize a reunion. With all original players they do concerts in Tilburg (Bosvreugd/ and Amsterdam (Paradiso ,or was it MilkyWay, or both?). New album on Sony-music, “Van de pot gerukt (red: how to translate?)”. And some new songs....

Some additional comments

In 1985, there was the initiative of a new festival with all the experience of the ‘RK Veulpoepers BV’-foundation. This was the ‘Leipparkfestival’, which became the model for Festival Mundial ( until now.
In 1996 there was the initiative for “013”.Theater ‘Noorderligt’ needed a new building and wanted to extend their activities, including studio, in cooperation wirth the local government of Tilburg.(
‘StudioChateau’(Polypoepka Recordings/ Zjef Naaijkens/Paul Elbers) was not allowed to be involved, because of conflicts about commerce and marketing. The new theater resulted in new projects like ‘RockAcademy’ , as part of the culture-area in the heart of the city, Tilburg.
Two members of RK Veulpoepers BV already passed away:
Dirk Broere
Bard Elber


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