Welcome to the official website of ‘RK VEULPOEPERS BV’

We want to inform you about this Dutch folkmusic-group, which played many concerts from  1 May 1976 until 5 Semptember 1982. In 1996 they organized their reunion-concerts.
Their music is to find on www.last.fm and many other websites (please, google!).
The next biography is the translated version of the story about the ‘RKVPBV’ from the ‘Encyclopedie van Nationaal Pop Instituut’ www.popinstituut.nl.

Zjef Naaijkens - singer, percussion
Dirk Broere - banjo, mandoline, guitar
Harrie van Hoof - mandoline, guitar, banjo
Bard Elbers - singer,percussion, flute, clarinet
Paul Elbers - keyboards, accordeon
Snam Vromans - bass
Bram van Berkel - drums
Pieter van der Klei - saxophones, flutes, bombarde
Rie Broere - singer, percussion
Agnes Naaijkens - singer,percussion
Lizet van Beek - singer, percussion

Looi Naaijkens (also all art-design of RK Veulpoepers BV)
Wil van Beek
Garmen Lubbers

Management Polypoepka
Piet Donker (many times taking care of the lighting of the shows)
Barend de Beer

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